When music and movies collide, an introspective on rock docs.

Two of my largest loves in life are movies and film. Nothing is better than when these two worlds collide. Recently I had the pleasure of viewing the film The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience. This film encompasses the world of dance music so fully. It tells the story of dance in such a visually stunning way.

If you know little to nothing about dance music or Electric Daisy Carnival then this movie will show you exactly what you are missing. Imagine a giant adult playground where you are surrounded by the most unique and loving people. Then add in some incredible dance music and you have the perfect recipe for an experience you will truly never forget.
As someone who had experienced EDC personally I can attest to its tremendous impact on my life. I have always enjoyed dance music but had not been truly introduced to the culture until I went to EDC last year. Never had I been to a festival quite like this. Not only was everyone so incredibly friendly but there were carnival rides, street performers, live art, and the best dance music you could ask for. Never again has a festival imprinted upon me so much.
It still amazes me that a counter culture once so popular in Europe has now found its roots in our country and around the world. There was once a time when the States new little about dance music and all the wonders it brings with it. I am forever grateful to the founder of Insomniac events for making his dreams a reality and introducing such a astounding experience to our culture.
To all of the skeptic who don’t know what the dance music craze is all about. I urge you to check out this film. I dare you to not be moved by it. You can stream the film now on Netflix and for more information on EDC visit the website at http://electricdaisycarnival.com/