Open Ears and An Open Heart

Before I left for San Francisco I attended one of my good friends classical concerts.I had not been to a classical concert prior to this one. The event was held Sunday May 20 at a local church in Brevard county. My good friend Kenny plays flute for the Central Florida Chamber Winds Society. He has been volunteering for them for a few years now. I was finally able to attend one of his concerts. I do not frequently listen to classical music in my spare time but I do enjoy new musical experiences. I think that any chance you have to expand your musical library should be embraced.

The show consisted of three seperate pieces from three seperate composers. Their were 8 musicians who played a total of 4 different instruments. The instruments included french horn, flute, oboe, and bassoon. I found that my favorite instrument was the flute, but each instrument added its own uniqueness to the performance. The performers ranged in age from around 50 to early 20’s.

The program offered a detailed description of each composers life and work. I found each piece to have its own special identity. As I listened I found myself immersed in the sounds of each instrument coming together perfectly to create a sound my ears were unfamiliar with.I felt transported back in time before auto-tune and garage band. I was pleasantly surprised to find that both my ears and my heart were opened by this experience.

I hope to attend more of his concerts and to delving deeper into this genre of music. I encourage all of you to expand your musical horizon and attend a concert in a genre you have never seen.