Born and Raised to love music.

It’s that time of year again folks. Album review time. This weeks gem is the latest album from musical mastermind John Mayer. Born and Raised was released on May 22,2010 just before my vacation to San Francisco. Needless to say it was the soundtrack to my flight over. Considering that this is the first John Mayer album to come out since he had surgery on his vocal cords I was curious to see if his sound would change. Although his voice remained the same his sound has evolved into a combination of folk and twang that is eerily reminiscent of the 60’s.

John released the first single “Shadow Days” on his blog and then took to Facebook posting lyrics and lyric videos of different songs until the album finally dropped. It was fun to see Mayer using social media to his advantage. “Shadow Days” is an anthem of perseverance and personal growth. With a twang that is unlike any in his previous albums Shadow Days has the lyrical honesty that John Mayer is known for. He takes you on a journey that was the past two years of his life. John lets his audience know that he has spent that time not only writing honest songs but learning a lot about life and love.

The album is full of diversity. There is a splash of blues in the catchy song “Something Like Olivia” and then their is the poignant love song “A Face to Call Home”. The title song “Born and Raised” is an easy listening song that gets an interesting reprise at the end of the album. John channels Bruce Springstein and Bob Dylan bringing in the harmonica. One of my favorite songs entitled “Love is A Verb” is an insightful look into what love truly means.

Overall Born and Raised is a departure from Mayer’s past work that will be sure to impress upon you. The growth he has shown in his lyrics and his ability to play his instruments is astonishing. Never disappointing John Mayer’s new album will be like Christmas come early to his true fans.

Born and Raised is available for download in the Itunes store or at