A Love Letter to Spotify

Recently I was introduced to a new way of listening to my favorite music. I was talking to a fellow music junkie about Pandora and he mentioned a new service called Spotify. I asked him what made Spotify better than Pandora. I was a avid Pandora listener and couldn’t imagine it getting any better than creating your own free radio station. Boy was I wrong. Spotify is the ultimate music lovers dream.

So what is the difference between Pandora and Spotify?


Pandora offers you the opportunity to create your own radio station and stream it for free. With their free service comes ads in between songs. You have the option to upgrade to their premium service and pay 36 dollars a year and skip the annoying ads. This premium service is called Pandora One and it allows you to skip as many songs as you would like. With the free service there is a limited number of times you can skip a song. Pandora acts as your own personal DJ. It gets to know what music you like and plays artists and songs according to your preferences

Spotify on the other hand is like Itunes where you create your own library of songs and act as your own DJ creating playlists and choosing from countless artists, albums, and songs. Spotify also offers a free and premium service. Spotify’s free service allows you to listen to any artist, song, or album from their huge selection from your laptop with ads. Their paid service however lets you download your library to your phone and stream a certain number of songs offline. This allows you to stream songs without eating up your data plan. Pandora and Spotify both offer mobile apps for Iphone and Android but only Spotify Premium offers you the data saving option of offline streaming. Another service Spotify offers that Pandora does not is the ability to share what you are listening to with your Facebook friends, through text messaging, and on your other social media accounts. Spotify allows you to post playlists and songs to your blog and your Facebook. Spotify premium cost 9.99 a month and gives you access to all the music you could ever dream of. No need to buy albums or songs from Itunes and spend, spend, spend, now you can listen to all the songs you want for just 9.99 a month.

As a user of both Pandora’s free service and Spotify’s premium service I can tell you that both companies have a lot to offer but one takes the crown in my opinion. If I am in the mood to hear new music but not search for it on my own I will turn on one of my many Pandora stations. Although Spotify also has a new music section that displays new albums from the artist you listen to most.if I am in the mood to listen to a certain artist, song, or album I will turn to my Spotify account. When driving in the car or working out at the gym I will use my downloaded songs from Spotify so that I do not use up all my data but still get a decent variety of songs. If you have not tried either service I highly recommend you do and form your own opinion on which company you like best. Feel free to leave your feedback for me. Happy listening music lovers