Learning to Coexist: A review of the new XX album.

As an avid fan of the English indie rock band The XX I was more than excited to hear that their new album was released today. I immediately took to my Spotify account to listen. The album is entitled Coexist and features 11 songs.

Interestingly the band sent a stream of the album to one fan in the UK on September 3 before its release today. The band teamed up with Internet Explorer to chart the global journey of the album through a interactive map. With each new listen you were able to see the progress of the band in reaching a new audience. Below is a image of the map to give you a visual interpretation. The XX didn’t stop at revolutionizing how albums were released on Internet Explorer. The band also took to the popular music application Spotify, allowing fans to listen to the album accompanied by various visual effects. Each song is accompanied by its own set of graphics. Making this album not only a audible treat but a visual one as well.

Coexist has a very tranquil and melodic feel. The usual smooth blending of vocals from Romy and Oliver are present throughout. The debut song Angels is a soft love song whose simple but powerful lyrics cut through all genres to reveal that music truly does transcends. With simple words and a soft rhythm this song is, to describe it simply, gorgeous. Angels also allows Romy to show off her impressive vocal skills. The song Fiction is a darker side of The XX. Again focusing on the theme of love and relationships but this time highlighting the deep and intoxicating vocals of Oliver. For me its hard to find a song on this album that I did not enjoy. With honest vocals and beautiful instrumentals it follows bravely in the footsteps of their hugely successful debut album.

Check out the album and join in on the virtual map online at http://coexist.thexx.info/.