Confessions on my undying love for City and Colour.

Hello readers, I have developed a crush. Not your usual crush this time its true love. My ears have been graced by the melodic and heavenly sounds of City and Colour. Dallas Green, once the frontman for Alexisonfire, is the talent behind this solo project.

I first was introduced to City and Colour two years ago by one of my best friends. I listened to them mainly when I was with her. Recently I decided to revisit the band through Spotify. I was hooked from the moment I downloaded their first album.

The beauty of Dallas Greens lyrics and vocals instantly puts me in a good place. I love the relaxed feel of his songs. The lyrics are raw and real without trying to be something they are not.

One of my favorite City and Colour songs is entitled The Girl. A song to his wife, it has all the elements I look for in a truly great love song. He speaks honestly about how hard it is to maintain a long distance relationship while he is on the road. One of my favorite lines in the song is found in the verse, “when you cry a piece of my heart dies knowing that I may have been the cause. If you were to leave fulfill someone else’s dreams I think I might totally be lost.” Green is simplistic at times but in a way that lets you connect to him emotionally. The song changes tempo and the passion is felt in the delivery of the last few verses. As far as love songs go I would rank it among my top ten. I am always fascinated to hear a musician profess their love. Dallas does it in such a way that I feel as if I have traveled the journey with him.

Do yourself a favor and download any or all of the City and Colour discography. I promise you will not regret it.