The Month in Music (October Releases).

October was a month filled with exciting new music. So many amazing new albums were released this month that instead of doing album reviews on each one I have decided to do a recap of the best of the best from October. Below is a description of the latest tunes that have been gracing my ears.

Thrice released there very first Anthology. This live CD captures Thrice in all their glory featuring classics like Digital Sea and Stare at the Sun. The album was recorded during the bands farewell tour earlier this year. Released October 30, 2012 it is a must have for any fan of the band or for anyone wanting to get to know this masterfully talented foursome.

Incubus also recently released a  album of their best songs entitled The Essentials. This 2 disc collection includes hits like Warning, Megalomaniac, and Pardon Me. A great album for fans and for those of you who want to discover the best of what Incubus has to offer.

Florida natives Anberlin released their sixth studio album early in October. Vital is a collection of hard hitting rock songs from the popular Christian rock band. The single Self-Starter is an intense track that shows the progress and energy that the band has built throughout its years. Vital is the first album from the band to feature female vocals on multiple tracks. Nashville singer Julia Marie lends her talents to Self-Starter and Christie Dupree of the band Eisley appears on God, Drugs, and Sex. Fans entered into a contest on Youtube and the winners are featured on the track Orpheum. My favorite song on Vital is entitled Desires. For any fan of Anberlin this album delivers.

One of the most exciting new releases came from one of my favorite bands Shiny Toy Guns. The original line up returns in their third studio album III. The band has been through several line up changes in the past few years but the original line up is finally back in tact with lead singer Carah Faye Charnow rejoining the band. On their third album Shiny Toy Guns reminds fans why they fell in love with the band in the first place. With tracks like Stay Down and Waiting Alone we are reminded why Carah and Chads voices harmonize so perfectly. For those of you who have never heard the glorious melodies of the band do yourself a favor and check out III. It is clear that Shiny Toy Guns is back in rare form.

The month of October also gave us a new album from the attractive and talented English sensation Ellie Goulding. Ellie is a bit of a new comer in the music scene. Her debut album Lights was a major success and was re-released with six brand new songs added including a cover of Elton John’s Your Song. Her sophomore album Halcyon was released October 5th. Halcyon is a showcase of Ellie’s incredible voice. Goulding shows her skill as an artist and features several different producers. The tracks Figure 8 and I Know You Care are my personal favorites. Recently the title track, Anything Could Happen, was featured in a commercial for Beats audio headphones. It is safe to say that Ellie Goulding has become a big star in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Rounding up my October album releases is a album from the Irish band The Script. The trios third studio album is amply titled #3. The album was released in the UK in September but made its way state side in October. The first single, Hall of Fame, is already receiving massive air play and features guest vocals from producer and artist The third album follows the same pop rock sound as its predecessors. Fans of The Script will be happy with this new album. There are several tracks that spoke to me. If You Could See Me Now is a touching track that is a open letter for anyone that has lost a love one close to them. We have all had the thought after losing a loved one that you wish they could be there to see you now, to see how far you have come. #3 is full of songs with uplifting messages like the song Give the Love Around. It seems The Script have reached a very honest point in their song writing and it is rather enjoyable for the listener.

There you have it folks, my October releases recap. Are there any albums released in October that were not covered that you enjoyed? I am always looking for new music suggestions and would welcome comments.