Go Radio’s #Go To Hell Tour at The Ritz in Tampa.

ImageHello music lovers. It had been quite sometime since I had been to a live show. The last show I went to was Kaskade’s Freaks of Nature tour in July. For a music junkie like myself a four month hiatus is a rather long time. Lucky for me a show that was within my budget was coming to Fl. I got doubly lucky when the band happened to be one of my favorites, Go Radio.

For those of you who are wondering who exactly is Go Radio, here is brief description of the band. Formed in April 2007 by former Mayday Parade lead singer Jason Lancaster, the band originated in Tallahasee, Fl. The band is comprised of four members and is described as pop punk, indie rock, alt rock, and sometimes pop rock. Fans of early Mayday Parade will recognize Jason’s unique vocals and talented writing ability. Go Radio has released two EPs and two full length studio albums. Their latest album is titled Close the Distance. You can listen to the entire Go Radio collection on Spotify or download the CD’s on itunes.


So now that you are familiar with the band I can get down to the real reason we are all here, the show review. The Go to Hell tour features Paradise Fears, Stages and Stereos, and of course the headliners Go Radio. I met up with my friend Alena for the show in downtown Ybor. It was a bit of a hassle to get in and we ended up missing the local band and most of Paradise Fears. We did however get to see the full set from Stages and Stereos. Prior to this show I had never heard their work but found it to be rather unique. The first thing that stood out to me was the six band members. The stage was tiny and it was a sight to be seen fitting six fully grown men (all be it tiny grown men) on one stage. The lead singer of the band had a Forrest Kline look and in a way had a unique sex appeal. The band had about two original songs and then played covers for the rest of their set. The most interesting part of their set was not the band itself but a fan who enjoyed head-banging to the pop punk band. At one point the band covered the Goo Goo Dolls and the fan was still getting down. Got to hand it to the girl for being consistant.


After about five songs it was time for Go Radio to set up. I was anxiously awaiting their arrival. As I was waiting I began to think. I have been a fan of Mayday Parade, particularly their early work, for the past few years. I have seen Mayday Parade, minus Jason, several times. I enjoy their stage presence and interaction with the crowd. I also love their energy and the feel of their shows. I do have to admit that their work post Jason has lyrically been lacking. I decided to give Go Radio a listen about a year ago and was pleasantly surprised to find the old Mayday sound was present but with a rough edge. It has since become clear to me that the lyrics that I long for Mayday Parade to return to were penned by Jason’s lyrical contribution to the band. This revelation does not make me love Mayday Parade any less but it does encourage me to follow closely the patterns and paths that both bands take in the years to come.


As the horrible 80’s music played while the stage was being set up I waited in eager anticipation. I knew that in less than a few minutes I would finally hear Jason’s voice live in my ears. I was too excited to even think. Soon I saw the band approach the stage. Jason entered first and the rest of the band followed. It was finally here the moment I had been waiting for. I had hoped they would play all my favorite songs. I was pleasantly surprised when they did. Jason’s voice was as beautiful as it sounds on record maybe even better live. The band played with a fierce intensity that showed their love for not only music but their fans. I felt a deep connection to the band and they played each song like it was their last. I enjoy seeing bands who work hard to encourage interaction with their fans.

ImageThe set list consisted of some of my all time favorite Go Radio songs including, Close the Distance, I Wont Lie, Go to Hell, Goodnight Moon, Collide, and Any Other Heart. The entire set list can be seen in the picture to the right. I was lucky enough after the show to obtain not only a set list but three of Jason’s picks. The stage manager was tearing down the stage and I asked if there were any picks that I could maybe have and he went into one of their cases and came back with a set list and not one pick, but three. I told him he didn’t know what it mean’t to me and thanked him repeatedly. He really did make my night with his generosity. All in all I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect show. It was exactly what I needed to help me get out of my four month rut. I look forward to the next time these Fl natives are in my neck of the woods. If you have the opportunity to check them out while on the Go to Hell tour do yourself a favor and sacrifice the $15 and go.