Another Close Call and another fine year.

20121223_CHAR_0002Hey readers. I know it has been awhile since I posted on here. I have been super busy with lots and lots of fun projects at work, including organizing and executing a NOH8 photo shoot. You can read all about it on my work blog at

20121223_CHAR_0178Back to music related news. 2012 has been a great year for music and I saw an amazing show to cap it off. Go Radio returned to FL again this time playing at The Social in Orlando. One of my friend Bobby’s band was opening for Go Radio. I asked him if I could maybe get a press pass to take photos for them during the show.


Bobby being the amazing gentlemen he is hooked it up. I met him at the venue early and he got me a wristband and introduced me to the rest of the band. Another Close Call is comprised of Bobby Maxwell on guitar and lead vocals, John W. Smith III on bass, and Daniel Roberts on drums.


John and Bobby have been making music together for years and have been recently joined by Dan. The band has a full length CD entitled I Hate To Say I Told You So… The album is full of punk rock riffs and pop punk beats. Bobby has a unique voice that is full of soul. He sings each lyric like its his last and you can tell by the lyrics in his songs that he puts all of himself into his music. The guys were super excited about this show because not only were they fans of Go Radio but they were fans of the venue. In fact this show was going to be one of the biggest venues they have played to date. The guys did the ritual pre-show pump up and then hit the stage with so much energy. The band played flawlessly. The crowd was so into the set that they even asked for autographs after the show.


I had a blast just getting to experience a show from the other side of things. All my life I have been a fan and have wondered endlessly what it felt like to be on the stage instead of in the crowd. Bobby helped me get the whole experience letting me get on stage to take pictures and letting me help sell merch after their set. I even passed out their CD to the crowd from the stage. I can not tell you how exciting and dream fulfilling this night was.


Go Radio put on a killer show and I was able to get some fantastic shots of their set. When they came off stage the guys high five’d us and I asked if they would take a picture with Another Close Call. The resulting images were hysterical,

After the show the boys signed CDs and took pictures with there fans. Another Close Call plays frequently and if you are in the Orlando area you should check their Facebook page for upcoming dates.


The full gallery of images from the show can be found here Another Close Call/Go Radio Album.The show was a great way to end the year. Stay tuned for more artist reviews, albums of the month, show reviews, and general music awesomeness in 2013.

Happy New Year beautiful people.