The XX and Austra! at The Beacham

imageHello lovely readers. 2013 has been a great year for music. Not only did I record my first song with my talented friend Jessica Bonacker but I have also had the pleasure to attend a few great shows. Last Monday I attended The XX show at The Beacham in Downtown Orlando. As you all know The XX is one of my all time favorite new bands. You can find my review of their new album here. Needless to say I was very excited.

20130204_thexx_0004I waited in line for a few hours to assure I would be front row and it payed off big time. I found myself a comfy spot on the left side of the barricade and made friends with the awesome security guard. No one I talked to knew who the opening band was going to be. I must have asked at least ten people and no one had the answers. My bff the security guard didn’t even know.


To my enjoyment the band was incredible. The lead singer was soft spoken and I had a hard time hearing the band name. Even after their set we asked the bassist the name and could not make out what he was saying. All I knew was that they were from Canada and I was in love. I would have to wait to look them up when I got home because I didn’t have the Shazaam app. After a incredible performance from the opening band my excitement was reaching a critical mass.

20130204_thexx_0001The lights dimmed and the crowd went nuts. Jamie, Romy, and Oliver took the stage and my heart skipped a beat. They opened with my favorite song from the new album Angels. The next hour was a visual and audial masterpiece. I was transported to a musical nirvana where my favorite band sounded better live then they ever could on an album. The XX encored with three songs and although I was not nearly ready to leave the night came to an end. My heart was once again whole thanks to the wonderful live music experience. I look forward to seeing The XX perform in England later this year.

In case you were wondering the opening bands name it was Austra and their song Beat and the pulse is worth a listen or two.