What makes a Heartthrob?

Happy Valentines day faithful readers. Together we can make it through this commercial holiday with the help of music. Here is my latest album review. Hope it brings joy to your hearts.
images (1)Tegan and Sara have long been a staple in my music library. Since middle school I have grown up swooning over Tegan and Sara Quinn, mainly Tegan. When I heard their new album was finally here I almost cried. I had heard the first single Closer and was ready for more. The first thing that struck me was the title of their new album Heartthrob. How did they know that they were my teenage object of lust? Had they read my diary?

It was time for my ears to hear the sweet sounds of the Quinn sisters voices. For me when an album resonates on the first listen it will usually stay on repeat for several weeks. Let me tell you from the first song I was hooked. Unlike anything the twins have ever produced Heartthrob is a relatable, dance worthy album from start to finish. If you are going through a tough break up and need words that resonate look no further. Tegan and Sara have an honest way of writing that hits close to home.

The stand out track for me was I Couldn’t Be Your Friend, with lyrics like does your heart ache when you get around me, does your heart break when you think about me. This break up anthem reads like my diary and touches both my heart and my head.

Some will be upset with the departure from their older sounds but true fans will embrace the changes in tempo noting that the core of what makes Tegan and Sara so great is still very much present.

Take a listen for yourself and let me know what you think of this new gem.