It’s a good month for new music.

Hello lovely readers. I have been a bit MIA this past month. Unfortunately mid way into March I suffered a flag football injury that fractured my thumb. I am typing this entry with one good hand. The thing about suffering an injury like this is that it gives you plenty of free time to listen to new music. Lucky for me March and April are looking incredible for new album releases. Today I want to tell you about three of these albums that you should check out.

onerepublicLet’s start with OneRepublic and their new album entitled Native. OneRepublic is one of my favorite bands and this album did not disappoint. Native features tracks with great bass kicks and drum snares like Counting Stars and I Lose Myself. Native features many danceable tracks and some great love songs which the band has been known to create. In Native we see a transition in the band and follow them on a journey to update their sound but remain true to their roots. True OneRepublic fans will not be disappointed in what this album offers. Ryan Tedder displays his vocal chops and the band show that they are posed to break even further into the scene. Dare I say that OneRepublic is the new Coldplay. After seeing OneRepublic live I would suffice to say that this new tour will be worth every penny. So go out and grab a copy of Native and check local tour dates to see when they will come through your town.

senses failThe second album on my list comes from a band that has been as MIA as I have been. Senses Fail put out their last album in 2010 and enjoyed a three year gap to create the brillance that is Renacer. Now fair warning Senses Fail is a far cry from the sounds of OneRepublic. Senses Fail are a post-hardcore band with a bit of a darker sound than anything  OneRepublic would produce. Nevertheless I enjoy both bands for what they offer. Senses Fail’s new album is indeed darker than their previous work but the general style is still the same and fans will enjoy having the band back in their lives. The top tracks in my opinion were Renacer, Closure/Rebirth, Frost Flowers, Snake Bite, and Glass. The best track on the album above all others is the closing track Between The Mountains And The Sea with a softer sound and inspiring lyrics it really spoke to me at a time when things have been hard. On each track lead singer Buddy Nielson displays his versatile vocal skills switching from deep throated screams to soft vocals. With this album Senses Fail shows that they are back in action. Like what you hear check out the bands upcoming tour dates.

best-bet-album-paramore-650-430_0Last but certainly not least is my all time favorite band Paramore. Paramore will be releasing their new self-titled album April 9th but I was album to get my hands on a sneak peak of the album a few days early. Paramore has gone through some line up changes losing members Josh and Zac Farro. The brothers departed the band in 2010. The brothers departure was a hard pill for many fans to swallow and created some controversy for the band. Despite a difficult year the remaining members of the band Hayley, Taylor, and Jeremy set out to create a album that would help define the new Paramore. In 2012 lead singer Hayley Williams announced that the band was putting the finishing touches on their new album. Paramore delivers on this album with songs that not only address what the band has gone through since the brothers departure but that defines their new sound. The opening track Fast In My Car seems to directly addresses the bands recent changes. Hayley’s lyrics are raw and honest and seem to have a openness that was not previously witnessed. The bands first single Now is a great workout companion and a unique and different sound for the band. On this self-titled album Paramore defines itself and sends a message to their fans and critics. This is who we are you can hop on board or get out of our way and for that alone I love it. As a true fan of the band I embrace this new sound and throughly enjoy it. Please do yourself a favor and check out the new album upon its release. The album is available for pre-order on itunes and on their website.

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