Dallas Clark brings colour to your city again.

cityandcolourCity and Colour are at it again. Dallas Clark just finished touring the country opening for powerhouse pop star Pink! and this month he releases the latest in a line of incredible albums.

City and Colour have easily been one of my favorite acts of the past few years. Dallas knows how to tug at your heart strings and ignite a fire in your soul. His lyrics are honest and raw and the melodic sounds that radiate from his guitar are a poignant companion to his angelic voice.


The new album is titled The Hurry and the Harm with the title track “Thirst” bringing a unique sound unlike any previous song. “Thirst” is a bit more uptempo then any of Clark’s previous work.

Each song reminds me of Dallas’ incredible way with words. A poet in the true sense of the word he weaves tales that take you to the deepest places. City and Colour is like therapy to me. There are too many incredible songs to pick a favorite and I encourage you to listen to the album and try and chose your own.

The entire album is available to stream on Spotify and to purchase on Itunes. It is sure to be on repeat on my Spotify for quite some time.