My Heart Skipped A Beat for The XX in London!


Hello lovely readers.

I must apologize for my extended hiatus. I have been one busy girl.  The last time I posted I was getting ready to head across the pond to jolly ole England.

My trip was filled with fun adventures like climbing a mountain in Wales, clubbing in Birmingham, boat rides in Stratford Upon-Avon, long walks in Oxford, and seeing The XX in London.

1044171_10152966234460154_126315446_nI had to incorporate music into my trip, as it wouldn’t be a vacation without a little live music. Before I left my sister and I did some research to see if any shows were playing while I was visiting. We found out that one of our all time favorite bands, The XX, was hosting a festival called Night + Day. The festival just so happened to fall the day before my flight out of London. It was perfect! We would hop a train from Birmingham to London,  stay the night, then I would catch a bus to Gatwick, and hop on my flight home the next day.

1016122_10152956900740154_792229518_nOf course vacations don’t always go according to plan and on the day of the show we had yet to book a hostel. Thank goodness for my lovely cousin Daniel who found us a beautiful little hostel in London. The backup plan was somewhat less attractive. Thank goodness for family.

nd_2ldn1So Saturday morning we hopped on the train and an hour or so later we were in London. We did some sight seeing and I got some great pictures. The show was in Hatfield which is a little outside of London so we had to travel there by train. The trains don’t run past midnight in Hatfield so the band provided coaches for the trip back to London.

The festival was outdoors in a massive field next door to the historic Hatfield House. There were food trucks from local London hot spots that were picked by the band. Along with the delicious food were massive amounts of cider, liquor, and beer. We dined on fusion burritos and mini donuts, while we drank Koparberg cider and relaxed out on the grass listening to the live acts. There was music from Polica, Solange, Kindness, and London Grammar. I particularly liked Polica who were fronted by a female vocalist. They had a sound similar to The XX.

1016526_10152966239665154_1438031850_nOf course The XX ended the night with a show stopping performance. They played all their best songs and even a track they contributed to the movie The Great Gatsby. You could tell they were so happy and grateful to return to their hometown and play for a massive audience. At one point Romy and Oliver teared up while thanking the audience and expressing how much the moment meant to them.

  • It was truly the most beautiful live performance I have ever witnessed. If you have a chance to check out The XX live I suggest you jump at it. They always pour their heart and soul into each performance and they sound incredible live.

1002412_10152966242245154_1382088723_nI truly didn’t want the night to end but I was eternally grateful for the experience.

Stayed tuned for another post from Where Words Fail Music Speaks. This month we review the new album from A Day To Remember entitled Common Courtesy.